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The company "DIGITAL Traff" has completed the system migration project

The "DIGITAL Traff" group of companies has completed a project to migrate the electronic document management system for the Government of Ukraine to a new version of the Documentum 6.7 platform.

The customer for the work was the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine. Following an open tender, "DIGITAL Traff" was selected as the project contractor.

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Innovations in Google Ads: What's New in 2023

Google Ads remains one of the leading platforms for online advertising, and in 2023, it introduces several interesting innovations:

  1. Ad Extensions: Google is adding new types of ad extensions, allowing you to provide more information in your ads.
  2. Artificial Intelligence for Campaign Optimization: Google is utilizing machine learning to improve your campaign results and provide more accurate predictions of audience behavior.
  3. Multi-Channel Campaigns: Google is making it easier to create campaigns that span multiple channels, including search, video, and mobile devices.

It's important to stay updated on these changes to effectively leverage Google Ads for your business.

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The Latest Trends in the World of Online Marketing 2023

In 2023, the world of online marketing continues to evolve rapidly, and it's crucial for successful companies to stay on trend. The latest technologies and approaches are now setting the scene. In this article, we'll delve into several key trends:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML have become integral to marketing, assisting in creating personalized campaigns, analyzing big data, and automating processes.
  2. Video Marketing: Video content continues to surge in popularity. Companies are actively investing in creating high-quality videos for social media and YouTube.
  3. Interactive Content: Live Q&A sessions, polls, and voting all engage the audience and enhance interaction.
  4. Environmental Marketing: Customers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. Sustainable and eco-friendly brands are finding their audience.

These are just a few trends that could impact your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that successful companies constantly adapt to changes and innovations in the industry.

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Innovative Solutions: New Products and Services for Our Clients

We are constantly working to improve our products and services and are pleased to introduce new innovations for our clients. The new features and capabilities will allow you to optimize your online marketing even more effectively and achieve outstanding results.

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Collaboration with Leading Brands: New Partnerships

We take pride in continuing to develop our partnerships with leading brands in the industry. Recently, we entered into a strategic partnership with Adobe, enabling us to expand our capabilities and provide even more innovative solutions for our clients.

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