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Google Ads Efficiency 360


  • In-depth analysis of current Google Ads campaigns: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of existing Google Ads campaigns, including keywords, ads, budget settings, and targeting.
  • Campaign structure optimization: Review and optimize campaign structures by creating more relevant keyword groups and ads.
  • Utilization of advanced settings: Implement advanced Google Ads features such as ad extensions, marketing events, and audience segmentation.
  • Testing and analysis: Launch A/B testing of various ad elements and bidding strategies. Analyze data and take action based on test results.
  • Monitoring and optimization: Regularly monitor campaign performance, optimize keywords and budgets to maximize ROI.

Examples of Positive Results:

  • Increased CTR (Click-Through Rate) by 20% through more relevant ads and keywords.
  • Reduced click costs by 15% while maintaining or increasing overall traffic volume.
  • Increased website conversions by 25% after optimizing landing pages and improving ad extensions.
  • Improved ad quality score and relevance, resulting in higher search result positions.